Training Solutions

At HR for B, we develop specific HR training programs customized to meet the needs of your company. A company with 40 employees in a service industry differs dramatically from a technology company of 400, where employees might lead a cubicle life with very little customer contact.

Your employees should receive customized HR training that gives them up-to-date information on compliance issues as well as personal development opportunities. Since your employees are the backbone of your company, it is vital that they be well-versed in and comfortable with the latest in HR-related legislation while at the same time enhancing and increasing their skill sets.

We provide HR training programs that are designed specifically for your company, not ones that are pre-packaged. We believe strongly that classroom-style training must provide an upbeat, positive experience for all in attendance. Our training programs are concise and topical, designed to challenge employees at all levels of your organization.


Communicating for Profit

New Manager 101

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Interviewing Skills

Performance Management