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In these challenging times, how do you manage your

workforce?  From mandatory restaurant closings to closed construction sites, how do we proceed? Contact us - we can help

Construction Industry Concerns


We know that those of you in the Construction Industry are facing times of uncertainty and confusion.  Cities are shutting projects down, while at the same time, the federal government may be enacting onerous legislation regarding wage continuation.   Contact us for assistance as you navigate these difficult waters.

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Restaurants & Bars

What do we do when cities or counties mandate emergency closings?  How do we stay afloat?  Do we continue salaries?  Lay people off?  Some combination of both?  Contact us for help.

Restaurant & Bar

Healthcare and EMS

Healthcare and Emergency Medical Services are both unique and challenging with their HR needs. How do we handle situations where our healthcare workers or our First Responders have concerns about their own safety?  Contact us for guidance.

Healthcare  and EMS

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