HR for Business

Why Choose HR for Business

 Our mission is to provide timely, straight-forward and cost-effective human resources guidance to our clients. As trusted advisors, we will build and maintain a relationship between the business and HR that is conciliatory, open and respectful; always striving to help you achieve your business goals.  Please contact us to let us explain to you how we can empower your managers and employees, and ultimately your business.

 Effective human resources representation can help a company in a number of ways. HR training, consulting and recruiting can be vital to your long-term success and growth. We can help identify areas of opportunity for your firm; we can also help you recognize and prevent small issues from evolving into huge, resource-draining concerns. For instance, two often overlooked areas where HR can provide a significant help to a business's bottom-line results are preventive HR training and employee retention:

  • A serious sexual harassment lawsuit can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars even if the claimant is ultimately unsuccessful in their suit. Costs associated with outside attorneys, depositions, and lost productivity can easily result in a six-figure hit to your company's bottom line. An investment in ongoing education and preventative training may greatly minimize the risks of such a lawsuit happening in the first place.  HR training may be more important now than ever before.
  • HR for Business can help identify employees who are at risk of moving from your firm to another. A proactive focus on employee retention may save the company costs associated with turnover. Turnover costs are somewhat hidden and hard to quantify - but suppose you lost an experienced sales person who had a sales quota of X. How long before the replacement person is identified, hired, trained, and fully effective? How long until the new person achieves X in sales? Perhaps a year (best case) or longer? Depending on what number X represents, this could be a massive drain on revenue - and an effective HR consultant may have helped you recognize that this person is someone who was looking for a new challenge. Providing the employee with different responsibilities may have prevented the loss of X in revenue.

HR for Business will work with you to identify and implement strategies that result in outstanding long-term opportunities and rewards for your company.