HR for Business

Low Cost Staffing Solutions

HR for Business will recruit quality candidates for your company's open positions. In the event that you hire a candidate that we introduce you to, we will charge a flat fee lower than what our competitors typically charge, payable upon the successful completion of the employee's initial 90 days of employment. Our recruiting team will work with your hiring managers to gain a full understanding of the position requirements; we will partner with you to develop effective interview guides as required; and we will pre-screen all candidates prior to setting up initial meetings with your managers.

No Retainer

HR for Business Recruiting fills your requisitions on a contingency basis unless otherwise preferred. We endeavor to provide you with highly qualified candidates who will not waste your valuable time.


Recruitment Partners Nationwide

HR for Business is fortunate to have recruiting partners nationwide. We work with staffing consultants who have expertise in a number of industries, from construction to banking, from publishing to high-tech. Our partners are therefore able to cast a wider net for candidates than many specialty firms. We can help identify individuals who are actively seeking employment, but perhaps more importantly we can identify the passive job seeker. While it may seem to be an employer's market today, the pool of candidates that are actively seeking employment may not be your best potential employees; rather, those that we identify via our extensive networks may be your best long-term fit.