HR for Business

HR Training and Consulting Solutions for Your Business

HRforB offers many service options designed to help you achieve your goals. You may need HR Training, HR Consulting, Recruiting assistance – or some combination of all three. We are here to help you. We endeavor to provide you with HR solutions to meet your company’s needs in a budget-friendly manner.

Some clients have found that targeted HR Training is their biggest HR need. We are happy to work with you to build a one-time HR Training customized to meet your company’s needs. If you require multiple training sessions in multiple locations, we can do that too.

HR Consulting is offered in several different ways. We can work with you on one defined project, for example helping you manage your HR needs during a leave of absence, or during an acquisition or reduction-in-force. We could augment your current HR support by providing you with monthly HR Consulting, both on and off site. Finally, should your needs be more immediate – perhaps due to a difficult employee relations issue – we can work with you in this respect as well.

We work with companies who have Recruiting needs in a variety of ways as well. We can help you fill one job - or help you build a pipeline with an eye on filling many jobs. Our low-cost recruiting services are designed with our customer in mind. We will take the time to learn about your company, your culture, and the position you are trying to fill. Our recruiting methods will help deliver qualified, strong candidates to you while minimizing the time you and your managers lose when they meet with candidates that are not qualified.

HRforB is pleased to offer business solution packages of more than one service at a reduced price for our customers. You may benefit from this pricing reduction if you take advantage of any of the following HRforB Bundle options:

  • HR Consulting and Recruiting
  • HR Training and Recruiting
  • HR Training, HR Consulting and Recruiting

Additionally, as a service to our customers, we are happy to help you find other HR solutions (benefit providers, brokers, payroll providers, etc.) at no cost. If you think we can help, please send an email, call us, or contact us via our website.