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HR Policy and Employee Handbook Consulting & Evaluation

An employee handbook is a set of standards and guidelines that a company practices. The guidelines are just that - guidelines. They are not intended to be all-inclusive, nor should it expected that all potential issues would be addressed in a handbook. Your employee handbook should explain to employees how your company typically operates, and should help you in the event of difficult employee relations situations. If you can reasonably expect to encounter a situation, your practice in that area should be addressed in your handbook. As growth occurs, your guidelines may change, so you will want to update and review them periodically - generally once a year. A well-written and comprehensive employee handbook can reduce ambiguity, and should make the operation of your business much easier. Ultimately, your employee handbook should help protect you in the event of a lawsuit filed by an employee. Our HR consulting team can help you with HR policy and employee handbook creation; additionally, we can review what you presently use and make recommendations (where applicable) for updates or changes.