HR for Business

About HR for Business

HR for Business will help emerging companies realize the potential that a strong human resources function can achieve. We help companies create and sustain effective HR practices by offering business-focused HR consulting, customized HR training and development programs, and specialized recruiting and staffing solutions.

  • HR for Business came about because founder and owner Bob McKenzie felt that the field of HR, in general, lacked a true partnership with the business. Bob believes that HR has traditionally been well-intentioned; however, in many larger companies it has not been as effective as it could be, sometimes resulting in HR / Business relationships that become adversarial.
  • HR for Business provides straight-forward "predictive and preventive" consulting. We feel that it is our role to help customers achieve their goals rather than become a hindrance standing in the way of success. We believe that it is equally important for us to understand our client's business -- and for our clients to understand how the HR function can help them succeed.
  • HR for Business will help your business grow and prosper while keeping you informed of existing and new employment-related legislation. We strive to help you best manage your day-to-day operations as well as foresee and proactively address relevant workforce developments and trends.

Bob and his partners will work both on-site and off-site as required by clients. Much work - particularly with our HR consulting and recruiting businesses - may be done off-site, though there will be times where a presence in the office is critical. In those instances where travel is required, we will work with you to limit costs to the best of our abilities.